Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oksana & Curtis: esession

I had the pleasure of photographing Oksana & Curtis last night . I really enjoyed shooting them in construction sites and train yards... and really enjoyed not getting in trouble for trespassing in places we obviously shouldn't have been. Oksana & Curtis have a deeper connection then I can put into words. The pure love for each was so strong it actually brought me to tears while photographing them... I have never cried at an engagement session before but was blown away by all the love surrounding me. It was absolutely magical.

Oksana's family moved her from Ukraine 11 years ago and Curtis lived in the UK after attending NAIT. Eventually this couple met through friends. Can you imagine the series of events that brought them together? Every decision we make can alter our life in amazing ways.

Isn't life is Brilliant?

I wasn't the only one shedding a tear.

I am so in love with love.

Don't you just love her hat? It's so European of her :)

Yes, Trespassing can be this cool.

Such a beautiful couple....

Thanks Curtis & Oksana for making me step back and feel grateful for living in such a beautiful world.

Be Blessed,

Rhea & Carlo- May 23 2009

Rhea & Carlo were married in St. Joesph's Basilica with a beautiful reception at the Crowne Plaza. Jolyn from Nuance Occasions was their stellar wedding planner, and just as I knew their wedding day was perfect! The Catholic ceremony was complete with traditional Filipino ceremonies which really personalized the event. I really enjoyed watching and photographing Carlo take care of his bride during the ceremony by wiping her tears and holding her tight. These two have an amazing connection.....one that has kept them together while Rhea has worked overseas for years. Any couple that can survive years of long distance has what it takes to go the distance. They even talk three times a day while Rhea is in Japan, which I thought was amazing.

Carlo and Rhea, your wedding was full of friends and family and those who love and support you. Judging by the size of your Bridal Party and reception you have lots of love backing you up. Thanks for sharing your day with me, it was such a pleasure working with you both ( I especially enjoyed laughing all day at the 100 expressions of R&C...sneak peek below of the million faces they made throughout the day!)



I was laughing out loud as I went through this series... it is just sooooo Rhea & Carlo! I'm not usually not into goofy pics, but this just made me smile!

Christine & Kyle- esession

Christine and Kyle are getting married this October in Canmore and I am so pleased to be a part of their day. Christine is actually a wedding and portrait photographer in Fort Mac, so it is extra special that she choose me! It is always an honour when another photographer trusts me to capture their day. I really enjoyed hanging out with them on a warm spring evening and seeing how cute they are together. It's always a pleasure to photograph true love :)

Thanks again for a wonderful evening! Can't wait too take part in your Mountain wedding this fall!!



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam & Michelle- May 16 2009

Adam and Michelle were married this past weekend at St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Cochrane followed by an amazing reception at Silver Tip Golf Club in Canmore. The whole day just flew by! That was partly due to the fact that Adam and Michelle are some of our great friends and shooting their wedding was just like hanging out ( expect for the fact that I was taking photographs and they were snuggling in front of me the whole time..not exactly our normal Friday night). I also knew half of the BP and they absolutely rocked my world......especially when I called Adam's cell on Friday night and asked them all to bring hiking shoes so they could scale a bit of a rock wall for our formals location. Everyone did awesome and the images are totally worth the hike. The party that night did not disappoint as the DJ brought his arsenal of late 90's tunes among others. Personally I enjoyed Bud and Robb's rendition of the NSYNC's dance with chairs. That little number got the 5D video capability up and running for the first time ever. I would post the video here, but you may just pee your pants from laughing too hard.

Michelle & Adam- I am so proud of both of you guys. I didn't know how you would pull off graduating from Medical school/Dental School and have a wedding all in essentially the same month. But somehow you did and managed to have one of the greatest weddings of all time. I loved witnessing your vows and being the one to capture your memories. I was able to cry at your slideshow but still photograph that priceless first dance. It was a honour to be there as a friend and especially your photographer. Thanks for a wonderful day and a awesome party. You guys are amazing friends and we love you both!!

Thank goodness you are relaxing on the beach in Maui now, you deserve that!!!

In love,


Yes, wind rocks my world.

Hot stuff, Michelle can work it!

Love this one!!!!!

Look how itty bitty they are....now imagine how they had to actually get down there! Fun!

Again with the crazy wind....Although all my first ideas were basically garbage after the wind picked up like crazy, the trick to being a wedding photographer in Alberta is working with nature, not against it!

Yup, me and Timmy at the reception dancing up a storm. We had so much fun dancing the night away with all our friends. And look, I've even watermarked the image..so don't even think of stealing such a breathtaking photograph! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Megan & Mark- esession

Meeting up with Megan and Mark took a bit a pre-planning due to the fact we live in different cities...but we were finally able to make it work when I went South for a wedding this past weekend. We met up outside the city of Calgary and battled through some chilly weather for some pretty cool engagement pictures. They were quite brave and had no problem sitting on the edge of a mini "cliff"... my kind of clients :)

Thanks for braving the cold weather...even if it meant Megan couldn't wear your new sundress you bought especially for the shoot. You guys rocked the scarves!

See you in July!



Nielson Family

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photography my brothers' growing family of four. If any other photographers out there have tried to shoot 4 kids all under the age 8....it is quite the task to have them all happy/smiling/looking in the general vicinity of the camera. So instead of setting ourselves up for a bit of stress, we had fun with it and just let the kids be themselves. As my husband so cleverly pointed out, not everyone is looking at the camera in the family picture, but it feels just so "them". If I could do anything as a photographer it would be to capture people as they really are, and I think this just about does it :)

The whole Nielson Clan

Jared. He told my husband that Tim was soooo strong he was stronger then an Incredible. Tim hasn't seen The Incredibles so some of the compliment was wasted, but his ego was stoked all the same.

Isabelle. My little performer! She has the starring role of Peter Pan in her Musical Theatre school! I am so proud of her!!

Cora. We are so blessed to have her healthy and to receive positive results from her CT scan. She is going to be our little genius :)

Heidi. She's a pretty awesome girl who informed her family she is a "tomboy"...this while wearing all pink and preparing for dance class. Too cute.

Kai & Heather. Still in love after 4 kids!!!
Lots of Hugs,