Monday, June 30, 2008

Ciara & Giancarlo- June 28 2008

Ciara and Giancarlo were wed in a wonderfully inspiring ceremony at the Santa Maria Goretti. The Priest spoke of love with a beautiful presence and a refreshing sense of humour. I was just completely impressed with the ceremony. The rest of the day was just as wonderful as we captured some fun urban images and then headed over to the ravine for a completely different style of shots. It was the hottest day of year (thus far) and everyone did so amazing given the fact they were completely melting! To top off an amazing day we were greeted with a gorgeous reception decorated by Michelle French at Behind the Scenes Events. Absolutely Breathtaking!

Ciara and Giancarlo: you are a wonderful couple with a honest love for each other. You both are such sincere people and it is so obvious your many, many friends and family adore you. I wish you both nothing but the best.

Lots of love,

Ciara's stunning engagement band.
Leaving the Mayfield Hotel for the church.
The guys.

The beautiful ladies.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby Seth- Lifestyle Session

I first met Natasha & Mike last year when I photographed their wedding. Now, a baby makes three! It took me about a minute to realize that Seth is no ordinary baby, so this was going to be no ordinary session! During this session I was thinking that I have no idea how tradition baby photographers pose babies ... Seth was just go go go! I can't imagine sitting him down for portrait. lol. He was only really happy when being hung upside down or being swung in the air. And, well, that worked great for me :) Enjoy these few from our session... but careful, they are not for the weak of stomach....

Meet Seth: He's ready for his close-up

Family Picture time!

Seth zooming in, trying to eat my camera...yummy.

Seth is turning into a bit of a grumpy pants as I tried to do some casual family portraits...

So Dad threw him around again some more...

Super Baby!
Maybe a little much action for a Tuesday afternoon. That last toss in the air just brought up his lunch. Do you not just love his shirt? He also had one that said "Lock up Your Daughters". Too cute. Despite the small vomit episode, he was being hung from his feet gleefully moments later. Never see a child quite so happy to be upside down.

Thanks so much for sharing your Tuesday afternoon with me. I am still laughing at your babe's huge personality and the ton of hilarious pictures we got. Can't wait to see him again.



Friday, June 20, 2008

Sarah & Aaron- Urban Esession

Sarah & Aaron are tying the knot this September here in Edmonton. I enjoyed meeting them downtown and getting to know them a little bit better. Aaron made me laugh a lot and made Sarah laugh even more by knowing all the quirky tricks. They were funny and cute but also had a great connection that you could sense immediately. Sarah & Aaron, you were super fun to hang out with and I can't wait to see the shenanigans that go down at your fall wedding.

Thanks for braving the east side with me...I wouldn't have done it alone.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Rachelle & Rene - June 14 2008

Rachelle and Rene were married this weekend in St. Paul, Alberta. I thoroughly loved the drive North... beautiful scenery to remind me how wonderful our world is. The wedding day itself was extra lucky since it rained from the moment we stepped outside to the moment we went into the reception. Instead of pouting or getting upset, this awesome couple (and Bridal party) grabbed some umbrellas and put on their rain boots. What a bunch of troopers! I have never been so pleased to spend a Saturday getting drenched.

Top 5 Wedding memories:
1. Black rubber boots, umbrellas and bug spray :)
2. Getting dumped with a litre of water off the awning of the RV. I have never laughed harder.
3. Rene being a super model. Not sure where he picked up those poses, but he made me laugh!
4. Mmmmm, Dinner. The best perogies and cabbage rolls I've had in a loooong time.
5. Save a horse, Ride a Cowboy- The 3rd dance of the night was BP hip-hop-country routine. Just fantastic!

Thank you for you trust in me and for the opportunity to capture your breathtaking connection.

Have fun in the Caribbean!

Lots of Love,

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lindsey & Jordan- Engagement Session

Last night I called Lindsey and Jordan to rebook their Esession because of the downpour out my south side window. When I asked Jordan what day he wanted to re-scedule for he said "tonight"..... soooooo to make a long story short we decided to shoot in the downtown and hope for the best!

We met in a parking lot and I had to get a shot of the looming clouds... this isn't crazy photoshopped- yes it was that dark! Too bad I couldn't get a lighting blot or two in the shot! At this point I'm wondering what I signed up for....

The heavens opened and we ran for cover. Notice the small amount of cover for Lindsey and Jordan...the rain was falling all around them (which included me)

So after trying to hide from the thunderstorm, we decided to embrace it. Yes, they were drenched in seconds & no, they didn't care at all.

So after we were all soaked, we ended up having some really good laughs!

Read into the above that what you may...after seeing how Jordan teased Lindsey all night I think she wonders what she is getting herself into! lol. Just kidding, they are a great pair!

The rain left a refreshing sense of beauty to an otherwise simple space.

And of course a lovely reflection into the 3 inches of rain we received in less the 30minutes. Our timing couldn't have been worse! It started to clear up and by then we were soaked! Too funny.

Thanks for sharing the rain with me, quite a fun experience to say the least!



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nicole & Richard- Esession

Nicole and Richard were a blast to photograph last night. We shot around an old barn that they drive by everyday on their way to work. I couldn't help but laugh as they high fived each other in between each pose - way to give each other positive reinforcement! They made me smile with their beautiful connection and made me laugh for their fantastic sense of humour. Their wedding at Lily Lake is a year away, so it's going to long wait for me cause I'm excited already :)

Congrats on the new house guys! High-five to that!