Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cristy & Andy- Engagements

Cristy and Andy are beginning to prepare for there October 2008 wedding, and gratefully I am inlcuded in their plans! We enjoyed hanging out for the afternoon, enjoying a warm fall evening. The fall colours were beautiful and the river valley was a great place to catch some amazing views.
See you both soon!

Be blessed,


Monday, September 24, 2007

Connie & Vincent- W-day

Who: The lovely Connie and Vince
What: Connie and Vincent's Nuptials
Where: St. Matthew's and Delta Grand Ballroom
When: This past Saturday
Why: 'Cause love is in the air!
Connie and Vince are amazing people inside and out! I enjoyed everything about their day, everyone was so sweet, welcoming and so much fun to be around. The reception was GREAT! I have never been asked so many times to do a Tequila shooter (which I gratefully turned down) and everyone was there to party. I ran into to a couple of past members of wedding parties and past clients...actually it sounds funny to say 'clients', cause really they are all now my friends and I just enjoyed seeing them all again!

Thanks for including me in your plans. I am so happy to have created amazing images for you!

Lots of love,

Jessica & Nigel- September 21st 2007

Jessica and Nigel were married this past Friday at the Muttart Conservatory. After Jessica had so many things go wrong in the planning of her wedding (and I mean a soooo many!), it was so great to see the day go by so perfectly. The ceremony was beautiful & emotional and the reception was put on fantastically by the Derrick Club. Thanks for including me in your plans...your images are amazing and you're going to be just thrilled!


Cathy & Hilary- Sept. 16 2007

A beautiful bride, a gorgeous day, lots of family and friends...what more could a wedding day need? Thanks for including me in your perfect day! I look forward to seeing you both again and showing you all your amazing memories!



Kim & Sam- September 15 2007

Kim and Sam: What a fun day! After the beautiful ceremony, we ran around downtown St. Albert. Who knew it was such a mecca of amazing photography locations?? You both are going to be shocked and amazed!! We topped it all off by going out to a family friends' farm for a few scenic shots before heading into the reception. Kim and Sam are friends of Ashly & Lindsy's...past clients from last year whom I got to visit with at the reception. And guess what?? Like all my other clients.... ha! just joking! No baby on the way yet! What a shocker!
Had a great day with you all,

Alicia & Cody- E-session

I was lucky enough to be able to photograph this *stunning* couple right before Cody took off to start the hockey season in Phoenix. We had a really great time on a few different farms...with permission and without :) Now that we've spent some time together, I feel really sad about not being able to photograph your wedding next July... I am sure it will be as amazing as you both!

Yours in Trespassing,

Nikki & Scot- September 8th 2007

A beautiful, hot fall day! I really enjoyed hanging out with you and your families all day......really family pictures at Tim Horton's? What could be better! ? Thanks for including me in your plans and I can't wait to show you all the amazing moments we captured!


Kyla- Lifestyle session

So, no, I'm not getting into Lifestyle photography...but I couldn't help but photograph Kyla and her family playing around last week. She is just too cute to turn down! We enjoyed a morning of pretending to be puppies and knock-knock jokes...a bit different then my normal shoots :)
Lots of fun to play with you, Kyla!

Big Hugs,

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Karen and Sam- September 1st 2007

Who: Karen and Sam
What: Wedding!!
Where: Inglewood Christian & The Royal Glenora Club
When: Saturday
Why: Because they quite simply just adore each other!

Karen and Sam are a great match. They've know each other since high school and just fit together perfectly. Their ceremony was full of song and the message was inspiring. The BP made shooting our casual portraits funny and they definitely kept me on my toes...or off my feet for that matter. The reception at the Royal Glenora was beautiful and we really enjoyed capturing all the moments, especially during the dance. One super exciting thing about the Royal Glenora is there is a bowling alley in the basement for the guests to use! So we were able to sneak away later in the evening to take some funny images :) All-in-all a lot of laughs and a great day. Thanks for including me! I can't wait to show you the rest!


Getting the Dress on. Just a bit tricky! MOH Darla is getting her own shots of the moment!

Putting on her family heirloom necklace. It's been passed down and is a real keepsake.
Mom giving Karen her approval.
Such a loooooong train. Took Karen a bit of pacing about the house to get used to walking with it.
Look at this proud Dad. He was beaming.

All smiles!

Yay! Aileen and Boris! I photographed their wedding a couple years ago and they brought their new addition, baby Grace to the ceremony. Isn't she just perfect!

So here is the Bridal Party doing there best to act serious. As you can tell, they were all about having fun.

Sam and his Pa after the speeches
Giving the last Thank-you's of the night.
The first dance.

Adele & Jeff- August 31st 2007

Adele & Jeff were married this Friday at St. Joesph's Cathedral. What a wonderful, relaxing day it was. Adele was so easy going...the flower girl wanted to walk down the isle with her, no problem...the groom lost in boutonniere, no worries. It was so nice having everyone just enjoying the day and not sweating the small stuff! The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was great at The Delta. These two have an amazing connection that was beautiful to capture. I hear a lot of incredible stories about how couples meet and fall in love, but none have topped their story. Adele saved Jeff's live. Quite literally actually. She was the head nurse at the University Hospital when Jeff was Star Air-lifted to the ER where she was working. Everything started with that. Can you believe it? You just have to believe in fate when circumstances like that bring two people....who are so unbelievably perfect for each other, together.

Such a grand Cathedral...
The beautiful flower girl

These two wouldn't stop kissing! No joke! I had to say...okay, please stop now...let's move on.... or else they would have kissed there all afternoon :) hehe
Table for two!
Lots of great stories...tons of laughter and tear that night.First dance :)

Terri & Jesse

Terri and Jesse are getting married this January here in Edmonton. We went out to the hill where they met (Folk Fest!) to take some engagement shots before heading into the river valley. It just happened to be the only hot-sunny-gorgeous day in August....and we were shooting at 2 in the afternoon! I learned we share the same taste in Wednesday night activities : The Globe for World Wings! We shared our favs (theirs: JerkSpice, mine: HoneyDill) and laughed that all our following meetings should be held at the Pub. Sounds like a great plan to me!