Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cathy & Hillary- engagements

Cathy and Hillary are getting married in Edmonton on September 16th this year. They are a very sweet couple. Their wedding with all their different ceremonies should be really unique and lots of fun. As part of tradition, they wanted a more formal portrait for their engagement session in one of Cathy's many Chinese gowns. She looked stunning! Thanks for including me in your wedding plans, can't wait!



Kelly & Rene-July 28 2007

Kelly and Rene, Kelly & Rene....how do I even start? This day was amazing. I knew it was going an emotional (=awesome) day from the moment I cried at Kelly's house. Yes, it was ridiculous, but Rene's letter to Kelly was so cute. The ceremony was also beautiful and I like the fact the Kelly gave all her guests fans to help beat the +30C heat. We had a great time with the bridal party after the ceremony, hanging out at both Kelly's and Rene's acreages outside the city. The reception was in Calmar, and the Legion was decorated amazingly with the most unbelievable dessert table I have ever seen. The speeches and first dance brought a couple more tears to my eyes (everything was just so perfect) but the most romantic part of the evening was when the DJ brought everyone outside for a slow dance under the full moon to the waltz 'Moonlight Serenade'. And then to top it off...fireworks just happened to appear in the distance. Can you believe that? What a unforgettable evening.

My other favourite part was all the hugs I got from the bride & groom...never been hugged so much and I got to admit, it was really sweet!

Here are a few images of the day..... See you can figure out which celebrity Rene looks like...splitting image....

Just a guess...But I think they are pretty darn happy!
The convertible they rented for the day, just driving out to the acreage.

Lots of great laughs at the reception...They gave out fortune cookies for their favours. Really funny ones.....like the one Kelly got "I hope you got that outfit on sale"...hhmmmm., I really don't think she did! Mine said "You are confident, talented and beautiful. Everyone thinks you are a fruitcake". Well, at least I am confident! Every one's fortunes were so funny and random!

Look at Kelly's great Asian-inspired decorating. She turned a normal hall into a gorgeous reception.

Kelly and her dad, what a special moment.
CRAZY party!
The dance outside with the amazing full moon.

Cheers guys! Have a great honeymoon in Bali!

Okay, answer to the celebrity question:

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cathy + Ken = Hotstuff (e-session)

Cathy and Ken are getting married August 18th...how many more days now Cathy?? The countdown is on and both of them are sooo excited! It's so fun to see these two together. They are so in love and just fun to be around. We were able to shoot their engagements in Hawaii, which made for an awesome afternoon. I had this idea in my mind about shooting on the beach just like 80's music video...they were down with it and wow, was it fun! Rolling around & making out in the sand with a bunch of spectators...great stuff to photograph! I wish Edmonton had a great beach (And Pigeon Lake doesn't count!)

See you both soon...I'm getting hyped for your wedding in Spruce Meadows too!

Christine & Danny- July 25th 2007

Christine and Danny were married this past Wednesday on the beautiful island of Maui in Hawaii. I had the delightful job of accompanying them to Hawaii to photograph the amazing day. What a GREAT time! The ceremony was right on the beach, the a backdrop of lava rocks....the waves crashing up. Yup, you really can't get more romantic then that. Their reception was outdoors at a magnificent restaurant overlooking a golf course, and of course, the ocean. Fresh seafood topped off the evening...I might not ever be able to shrimp again...it was sooo good I don't want lose that memory :) Maui was so awesome, I completely enjoyed myself and was very happy to be apart of your special day!
Here are a few of my favourites...there are quite a few......

The rings
Getting ready

Picking out the perfect flower for her hair

Now getting the flower in her hair was a completely different story. Just a bit tricky

The Ceremony...I don't think there was a dry eye on the beach.

First kiss!

After their first kiss, Christine and Danny embraced for the longest hug. It was one of the most romantic things I have ever seen at a wedding. The look in their eyes after was pure love.

The super fun BP running down the beach!

Cute Feet on the beach....

The girls

The guys

This is the guys running and jumping in the ocean...much to the dismay of Christine and the girls...guess they were done with photos!

While I was shooting the photo I got stung by an island bee who makes it's nest in the sand. Christine had to pull the stinger out of me!

The Seawatch, where the reception was held, just beautiful!