Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Challenge 2009

Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind. ~Mary Ellen Chase

It's the holiday season again and there's no better way to spread the joy of Christmas then to give to those less fortunate then yourself. So this year for my Annual Christmas Challenge we will be collecting toys for children in our community. Please bring by an unwrapped gift for a child and in return you will awarded with an 8x10 from your wedding or engagement session. It's that simple :)

There are a few guidelines in order to receive your 8x10-

-This offer is for current 2009 wedding/portrait clients & future 2010 wedding clients.

-You can earn up to a maximum ten 8x10 custom prints per couple/family.

-Only gifts dropped off at my studio will be eligible for 8x10's, but I really do think it's great if you already have donated at the mall or at a Christmas party.

-While I will gladly accept stocking stuffers and small gifts (like hot wheels, crayons and colouring books) only larger gifts will be awarded an 8x10 (just think about the presents children you know personally would love to open on Christmas morning and go from there)

- Please follow the Suggestions on the website. They are often short on gifts for the 9-12 age category. I like the suggestion of Boardgames and craft sets. Santa's Anonymous has great ideas for kids in each category.

-If you purchase an item that needs accessories please try to include them with it. For example send batteries with battery operated toys, extra clothes with a barbie etc.

It's been a couple of years since I last had the Edmonton Christmas Bureau as my charity of choice for the holiday season, but I do know in that in that year I had to make two drop off trips in my Matrix since soooo many wonderful gifts were donated. I hope have that problem again this year and since my clients are all so awesome and generous, I'm sure it won't be a problem!

Any questions? Please email me at

Lots of Love,

(and no, that's not our Christmas tree- it's just courtesy of Google- but next weekend Tim promised to go cut me down a nice pine tree...)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Megan & Corey esession

Megan and Corey are getting married next June in Fort Saskatchewan. We finally got meet up for engagement photos after countless rescheduling and after being rained out so many appointments. It was great to finally connect with them and get to know them a bit better. Thanks for a nice fall afternoon in the country :)

Angelika & Sebastian- October 24 2009

Angelika & Sebastian were married in Edmonton at St Joseph's Basilica followed by a reception full of dancing and games at the Royal Glenora club. They make such a great couple, so obviously meant to be together. I really enjoyed being a part of their day and sharing in all the laughs. The best part was when the Bridal Party entered the ballroom complete with costumes and choreographed dance moves. Very impressive! Enjoy a small random sampling from the day...

Her details...
Yes, Angelika is this perfect looking. She is stunning!
Getting that dress on required the help of four bridesmaids and a Mom!

The long walk down the isle....
The 'must have shot ' of the entire Basilica with Ang & Seb lighting the unity candles. What a beautiful Church.
The little ring bearer was incredibly well-behaved during the long ceremony.
This is nothing other than pure joy!
Bridal Party looking cool...

Their first dance was magical followed by Angelika dancing with her father. Ang is a only child and half way through the dance they grabbed her mom for a dance with the three of them...and yes, I shed some tears watching that...

Aimee & Mike esession

I met Aimee and Mike on a cold fall day for their engagement portraits. I guess saying
it was "cold" is only relative since they are getting married in early January and it will probably be a bit chillier then! What can I say, they are brave! Aimee & Mike are so cute together...but I gotta admit that their puppy, Lulu, totally stole the show...

See you in January!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Isaiah

It was wonderful to meet Baby Isaiah after meeting his parents at our maternity session this fall. He is absolutely adorable...and already far cooler than me :) The little guy wanted nothing to do with being naked- as soon as the onsie came off, he was just not a happy camper. We tried heating pads and everything, but soon gave into his wish of being bundled up nice and warm. What a sweetheart!