Thursday, June 28, 2007

Karen & Aaron- Esession

Aaron and Karen are getting married this July 21st in St. Albert. They are a great couple who love to travel and who have great plans for future. Karen and Aaron are both so sweet, I am really looking forward to photographing their wedding...3 weeks!



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vanessa & Frank- Engagements

Vanessa and Frank are just weeks away from their wedding day, 07.07.07. Pretty cool...and very lucky! These two shouldn't need much luck though, they are as cute as can be together and are so sweet. We had fun shooting around their new home in Riverbend, on the trails they run. Lots of fun....even when I got up to my ankles in...well...not sure....effluent water?? yuck!



Lonita & Chad- The E-session

Lonita and Chad are getting married this September out in Edson. You all know how much I like the small-town wedding, so yes, I am excited! They came in to the city for the day and we were able to squeeze in a last minute engagement session in the river valley. They are up for anything....which makes shooting really fun :)

Hope you like the pics and see you soon!



Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Audrey & Dan- June 23rd 2007

Love finds you in mysterious Tim Hortons', right Audrey & Dan? I had such a great time with you both (and your delightful BP) on Saturday! The ceremony was beautiful and the stories at the reception were so much fun (like the Timmy's reference: where they 'met ':) ). Your reception was so full of eloquent speeches, it just showed me again just how amazing of a couple you are. I was floored by the amount of love in the room it was truly a blessing to be a part of it!

Thanks again for an awesome day & have a great trip to Italy!



Great Salon: Shampoo (downtown)
Getting ready..count down was on...actaully it was a quite relaxing morning...good planning :)

St. Basil's beautiful chapel
First kiss as Man and Wife!

The infamous laugh-cry. Tears streaming with the full-out laugh. Too funny.
Aww, girl after my own heart! I hope she got a good shot with her Fisher-Price :)
Yes, the cake is beautiful and again, it was fanastic.
The first dance...should be quite romantic...until Nona starts hurling Italian Candy at your heads. They had about 1 minute of nice dancing before the streamers came out and candy littered the dance floor. I love traditions!!!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Random Story...

So today I went into my favourite shop in Edmonton, Don's Photo, to get a new camera (yay!)and who came in after me? No other than GEORGES LARAQUE. So yes, I am huge hockey fan...a huge Oilers' fan, but an even bigger Pittsburg Penguins fan. I was all smiles. But what is better than running into a pro? Helping one pick out their new SLR and lenses. Nothing like talking to Georges Laraque about what lenses he should get and the best camera bags to buy. Hehe! Too much fun! So that was my excitement for today...not bad for a friday afternoon :)


Adelle & Jeff- Engagements

Adelle and Jeff are tying the knot this August the 31st. The rainstorm earlier in the day made for a perfect evening at the park. These two were a bit quiet at first...but then loosened up a bit and we got captured some great moments. Congratulations to you both, let the countdown till your big day begin!



Monday, June 18, 2007

Natasha & Mike- June 16 2007

I can't help but feel a wee bit jealous of Tasha and Mike today...they left for St. Martin in the Caribbean for their Honeymoon! Lucky. (We are still stuck in the rain. booo. ) Saturday was awesome day for the new couple: a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Shalom Park with a super-fun reception following. I knew when my assistant, Sarah, tried to get up and line dance, it had to be a pretty fun night for everyone! I really enjoyed our time spent doing the formals...although I would have loved to have spent more than 20 minutes photographing this great BP in such an awesome location: but we totally got rained out!!! Oh well, we used our time wisely and worked least it didn't rain on the ceremony :)

Thanks for all the laughs (and there were sooooo many)

Maggie Sottero, you make beautiful dresses :)
Getting much fun is it to actually get on the 20-layer dress? LOTS

Mother of the Bride helping Tasha get her necklace just right

The ceremony: see the clouds just rolling in...
It was a full-out thunderstorm......but the minutes before are simply amazing.

Girls, showing some leg, well mostly laughing and trying to get Tasha to show some leg
Okay, so another awesome cake by Delicously Different Cakes. I swear I should be a spokeswomen for DD cakes...LOVE them. They are beautiful, but most importantly, Delicous!! Check out her website at
Well, The cake cutting started out nice......

Too much fun!
See you both after the honeymoon :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Michelle and Raymond- E session

Michelle and Raymond, originally from Edmonton, now residing in downtown Vancouver, are a totally cool couple with lots in common. We met downtown for an 'urban' setting...they really actually wanted in pictures in Vancouver...Edmonton just isn't as cool :( But we ended up getting lots and lots and lots of awesome shots off Jasper ave, and I found tons of cool new alleys' to shoot in. Yay!

Looking forward to your Edmonton wedding...only 2 months and 13 days away!


Sherry and Dan- June 9 2007

Did I have a great time photographing Sherry and Dan's wedding this Saturday? Well, yes I did, thanks for asking! Why? Maybe because Dan loves Sherry sooooo much, he must have said she was beautiful 100 times.....maybe because the weather cooperated amazingly, not to hot or cold, and only rained when we were nearly finished...maybe because we had time to take a breather, have a drink and laugh before the reception.....maybe because I watched the best man write his speech 20 minutes before the reception and it made me laugh so hard and I could barely take pictures.... Such a fun day. Sherry and Dan are very outdoorsy, all the images were taken in a local park with only nature as a backdrop, just beautiful. Enjoy!



Kiss at the ceremony...long kiss...I like the best man smiling for the photo-op

Deep in the forest, a quiet moment

Handsome groomsmen, giving me their best 'GQ faces'
Beautiful Bridesmaids laughing it up!
At Food and Drink on 40th
Stopping for a break and a drink

The awesome cake...lots of chocolate dipped fruit with layers and chocolate......yummmy!
Speech time!
I think some one's a wee bit embarrassed!
First Dance, always a romantic moment.
Not too many people can say they had a double platinum recording artist perform at their wedding, well Sherry and Dan can! The Emerald's were great and everyone Waltzed the night away (perhaps I was the only one there who couldn't waltz??)
Take care and see you soon!