Friday, August 28, 2009

Melissa & Don- esession

Melissa and Don are getting married next summer and we finally got an opportunity to hang out and shoot some engagement portraits after being rained out. Rescheduling is always a bummer so it was great to eventually get together and hike around an abandoned farm.

Thanks for the fun,


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meghan & Kelly- esession

Meghan & Kelly are getting married next year and I'm lucky enough to be apart of the celebration. They are super fun and incredibly in love. We walked around downtown and got to know each other a bit better.

Thanks for sharing a warm summer evening with me. Here's a very small sneak peek at a few images!


Edmonton Wedding Photography by Kelsy Nielson

Jacqui & Steve- August 22 2009

Jacqui and Steve were married at the Downtown Westin Hotel followed immediately by a reception full of laughs and a few tears. We met before the ceremony to take our formal pictures and hang out with the Bridal Party while walking around downtown wedding. This was my second wedding in a row with a swollen eye (See Angelika & Seb's esession post below for details) but thankfully it opened up a bit as the day went on. Not terribly attractive, but it worked! They were very sweet about it and I didn't get a single joke made at my expense (that I know of, lol). Jennifer from Jennifer Bergman Weddings had the reception running down to the minute. It was awesome having a schedule so well kept! The dance started at 9pm ON THE DOT. I was super impressed :) Totally recommend her.

The day went by quickly and smoothly. Thanks so much for including me. I hope you have fun in Europe..I can't remember all the awesome places you are going over the next month but I know it will amazing!

Lots of love,

Kelsy Nielson, Edmonton Wedding Photography

Courtenay & Trevor- August 21 2009

Courtenay & Trevor were married early Friday morning at Winspear Centre. The ceremony was very sweet followed by a luncheon in the Founders' Room. Morning was full of cute details- all yellow and grey with a retro vibe. Jolyn from Nuance Occasions really put together an adorable wedding that was just soooo Courtenay & Trevor.

I really enjoyed spending a few hours with you and your family- and really appreciated your understanding when I showed up at 9:30am with one eye swollen shut (due to the Wasp sting incident- read last post for details...). You were so sweet about the whole thing- this is why I love my clients! The pain of the swollen eye would have been nothing compared to missing this beautiful day :)

Hope you are having lots of fun in Italy on your honeymoon. Have some gelato for me!


So the theatre was left open and we snuck in for a few shots. How lucky is that? And there was a cleaner who so kindly turned the lights up for us even though we really really weren't supposed to be in there. Gorgeous!

I loooved Courtenay's Flowers. With a passion.

Candy Buffet! Cola Balls and Lemon Sticks...

Cute Bridal party!

Love the colour scheme!

Angelika & Sebastian- esession

Well, this was a session for books... Angelika & Sebastian are a great couple who are a ton of fun and totally in love. Angelika's mom is portrait photographer here in the city, so she is no stranger to the camera. We started out in front of a cool old building in a field, I'm happily beginning to set to shoot when Sebastian says "I think that's a Wasp's nest" pointing to pile of junk next to him. I bent down for a closer look and immediately got a wasp caught under my glasses and got stung (bitten?) right on the eyelid. Honestly, what are the chances? We booted out of there pretty quick but since I have probably been stung 20+ times in my life (hazard of being a free-spirited kid growing up on a acreage) I really wasn't worried about it. I just breathed through the pain and again tried to begin the shoot. We ended up having some fun trekking across some fields despite my eyelid throbbing a bit :)

Thanks for not laughing at me as I did my "get-the-wasp-out-of-my-glasses-dance", you guys were awesome!

Looking forward to your October wedding!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Natalie & Jeremy

Natalie and Jeremy are a very special couple. You see, Jeremy is deploying to Afghanistan in a few short weeks with our Canadian Armed Forces. You have to be a very amazing type of person to do that sort of thing...and a special kind of girl to be able to watch him go. As I took pictures of them together I witnessed their bond and felt little bit of their pain in saying goodbye. Lots of tight squeezes, kisses and long glances filled my camera.

Thank you Jeremy for your commitment to freedom and Thank-you Natalie for your strength in letting him go.

Supporting our Troops,

Kelsy Nielson, Edmonton Lifestyle Photographer

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MaryAnn & Richard- August 15 2009

Mary-Ann and Richard were married at their weekend home in the Nicola Valley near Merritt, BC. They are a little bit country, a little bit city and their wedding was also a little bit of both. Mary-Ann did a great job with all the details and the day was stunning from beginning to end. Most impressively, they asked only for donations to their favourite charity, Union Gospel Mission, a wonderful east side Vancouver project, instead of gifts. What an amazing way to remember those less fortunate as you celebrate all your blessings. They wedding was also filled with lots of fun, from a kids summer camp set-up for the children attending to the all the adults taking part in a 'write a country song' competition during the reception. Every table was given words that had to be included in their song and everyone got up and performed....however it is a little hard when you are competing against real country music stars! The impromptu performances were great and we all got our own private concert.

Thanks for a wonderful day and a great weekend. I really enjoyed seeing a new part of our Country. Have a lot of fun on your honeymoon too...this might be the coolest honeymoon ever: the Maldives, Bali, Singapore...the list went on! Lucky!

Wishing a life of more laughter and love (and a big country style family),

Start off with a ring shot...I rarely post these, but somehow this one snuck in :)
The gorgeous location.
Some cute details.
I love those shoes!

The wedding was on the couples hobby Orchard
I couldn't resist posting one of the adorable flower girl, Ayla. It was a long day for her and she did great.

Right after the ceremony, Mary-Ann talented sister sang them "Cowboy take me away" as a surprise.

The party went on under the stars till late in the evening....
If you didn't check out the couple's eco-friendly wedding website, here it is again : Website