Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And I'm off

Hey Everyone,
Just another quick message to let everyone know that I am now out of the office till November 27th . I am leaving on an awesome backpacking trip through Central America with my Husband this afternoon! Please note I will not be returning phone calls during this time away. I will still have periodical access to my email, so please be patient if you are waiting to hear about wedding availability ect. Kelly will be helping those clients who are waiting for albums & orders in the next couple of weeks and will contact you as soon as your order arrives.

Have a great Halloween & November,


Sunday, October 26, 2008

My little Buddy Grayson

Grayson is the new son of my good friends Sarah & Dean, who you were introduced to earlier when I photographed their Maternity session. He was born on September 20th and I was lucky enough to meet him & take some pictures in the hospital the day after he was born. Then Sarah came over last week and we did some 4 week pictures of the sweet little guy. He is absolutely adorable and just a completely content little guy. I didn't think he had changed too much in 4 weeks till I compared some of the shots... he is growing like a weed! It is hard to notice changes until you see photographs side by side. He is definitely bigger, has more (blonder) hair, is less wrinkly :), and more alert. I just want to snuggle him!

Here's to 8 week pictures, and 12 week, and 16 week....that's what happens when you have a childless photographer as a friend!

Miss him already,


Grayson in the hospital one day old, just checking out his new world.

Those tiny wrinkly newborn feet :)

Big Yawn! Those first 24 hours must be exhausting!

At my house last week, 4 weeks old. Quite Contemplative.

Look at those baby blues! Just relaxing
Little naked guy. I think that's his surprised face.... wondering what in the world is going on. But he loved being naked, that's for sure. Just quite a challenge keeping those legs together, lol.
There are so many fun ones I can't wait to share with you both. See you in Decemeber!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Packing up for November

For those of you who don't know, my husband Tim and me are headed off for a wonderful month of backpacking in Central America. We start off in Mexico and are slowly making our way down to Costa Rica while enjoying Ancient Ruins, Volcanoes, beaches, Colonial cities and rain forests. We also will be visiting orphanages & bringing some much needed school supplies to villages with a GAP Tour. Hopefully we can make a very small difference. I can hardly wait to experience all the different cultures, new cuisines and spend some much needed time with Tim. If you have any orders to pick up, have any questions or have new orders to place, please do so before next Wednesday. I am available at info@knphoto.ca and 780-231-1899 up until next week, but after that I will only have limited email access.

Can't wait to post pictures from our many adventures...and knowing how we travel there will be no shortage of crazy events:)

Big Smiles,


Monday, October 20, 2008

Kristine & Nolan- October 18 2008

Kristine and Nolan were my last wedding of 2008, and all I can say is Wow! What a great day! An amazing couple both with great families and a day filled lots of love, you couldn't ask for more. The wedding ceremony was in a gorgeous old church, Robertson-Wesley United, follow by chilly outdoor portraits in the river valley. We narrowly missed being poured upon, but got really pretty clouds the moments before. Their reception was held at The Faculty Club, and I need to admit that I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. The speeches were heartfelt and hilarious, and your entire reception was there to support you & love you. And of course, the night ended with just a great party...the way a reception is meant to be. I was even a little sad to leave as your (crazy, in a great way) DJ pumped out the 80's hits :) I am sure the rest of the night was just as good as the beginning.....

Nolan, never stop complimenting Kristine's toes.
Kristine, never stop adoring him for doing so.

You guys just make me smile :)

With love,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a lot to be grateful for and I wanted to share my gratitude with all of you. While I am thankful for all my blessings on a daily basis, Thanksgiving gives us another opportunity to think about how amazing life really is. I have blessed with a wonderful husband and a beautiful family, including more nieces and nephews then I can count on both hands. They are a great inspiration and the loves of my life. I have a wonderful business that I love operating and I am lucky enough to have the greatest clients in the world. Nothing would be possible without all my couples, and their trust in me. We have also been blessed with a new (to us) home in Terwillegar Towne and we love living in such a sweet community. We are also blessed with great friends, good health, a free country to live in, the opportunity to speak our minds, an abundance of food, lots of warm clothes, the ability to dance around the house in our pajamas, and the opportunity to have laughter that fills our home. There are also so many little things we often overlook. Today I am so thankful for every blessing I have been given and I'm trying to not take a single day for granted. Being here is a gift and so quickly everything can change.

So today, do me a favour and count your many blessings. Then, adore your spouse a little bit more, call your Mom and tell her you love her, hug your kids a little bit longer... then take more pictures, be a bit goofy, watch the sunset, eat dessert first, turn up your favourite song & dance in your kitchen as a family, and remember to live everyday to its fullest.

With Love,


Michelle & Tim- October 11 2008

Michelle and Tim were married on Saturday here in Edmonton. The girls had a great, stress free morning at Michelle's home. They all had their make-up done brilliantly by one of my favourite vendors, Sunita Sumura. Everyone looked beautiful and with time to spare, we headed off to the Church. After the ceremony we headed out of the city for some portraits and planned to stop at some railway tracks for a few shots. Sounds like a nice idea, doesn't it? In hindsight, playing on train tracks was not such a swell plan.... since when a train actually comes along you have to jump into waist deep thistles to avoid ending up on the evening news. Michelle and Tim couldn't have been better sports, laughing all the way down the steep embankment. It was one of those moments that will stay in my wedding memory bank for a long, long time. Thanks for being so relaxed, and fun and all around awesome. The reception at the Ukrainian Youth Complex was a perfect end to the day, with great speeches and a awesome live band. Too much fun.

Thanks for including me,

Johnson Family

Yesterday I met up with the Johnson Family of 5 for some Lifestyle Portraits. When their oldest started off his conversation with me by asking (very innocently) about my underwear while snacking on a whole tomato, I knew he was a pretty cool kid and there was going to be lot of laughs. We then headed out into the country for some outdoor shots, before quickly being completely rained out. Brrr! But then we had some fun jumping around the house just trying to get a few more shots while staying dry and warm. The kids were all great fun, full of energy and million different expressions. Thanks for a fantastic afternoon!



Monday, October 6, 2008

Cristy & Andy- October 4 2008

Cristy and Andy had a beautiful traditional Chinese wedding and I was happy to be part of their celebration. The morning started very early for Cristy, up at 5am and after being up well past midnight the night before for other ceremonies, was in great spirits. The games started at 8am with the boys having to perform a variety of events in order to see the bride.....eating chocolate out of diapers, doing yoga, eating whipped cream while doing push-ups, answering random trivia with gross consequences (like how many days have Cristy and Andy known each other...hard stuff!), declaring his love 100 times and making the perfect breakfast for Cristy's mom....whew! The Brides friends were relentless but finally Andy got to see his Bride. After the games there were a couple of Tea Ceremonies at both families homes, here they were given gorgeous gold jewelery and special red envelopes. We also had a unique Chinese Baptist ceremony before heading off to the shortest portrait session of my wedding season. Poor Andy was so exhausted by the afternoon portraits we cut if short for them to rest a bit before the festivities of the evening started.... a 10 course Chinese Meal, three amazing dress changes for Cristy and more games for the guests. A long day, but a fun and memorable one!

Thanks for the great day,

The Guys playing the games to see the Stunning Bride.
Tea Ceremony
The paparazzi at the Tea Ceremony. That was a bit tricky :)
Leaving Cristy's home with some amazing Chinese Streamer things. It was pretty cool, especially since I didn't have a clue what was going on...pretty much like the whole day, lol. I really need to brush up on my Cantonese!

Gabriela & Domenico - eSession

Gabby & Dom are married next May and I'm already excited to be photographing their wedding day. I had met this couple at Gabby's brother Marco's Wedding a couple years back and ran into them again at Vince and Connie's' wedding last fall. So I was really happy to be photographing another couple from this fantastic group of people. They are an awesome and beautiful couple who share my love of the Oilers :) and we were happily able to talk Oil for quite a while. I am pretty sure the Jerseys' are coming out on their wedding day....and I couldn't be happier for it! Enjoy some quick pics from our evening. I had a really hard time narrowing them down and can't wait for you both see the rest.

Your Friend,


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tracy & Will- eSession

Tracy & Will are two of the sweetest people you could meet. I first heard from Tracy in the greatest email announcing her engagement and booking her wedding around my availability. How could you not love someone so passionate about wedding photography? And they are passionate.... about love, life, family and each other. It was a pleasure getting to know you both a little better (even if I still have no idea what you both actually do :) ).

Have a fun filled wedding weekend,