Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anne & Jason- esession

Anne and Jason are getting married this August and I'm lucky enough to be their photographer for the day. We spent a evening together in SW Edmonton getting to know each other and "hanging out" in a cow pasture. I found out that Jason has one of my dream jobs: he works for my beloved Edmonton Oilers :)

It ended up being the perfect evening for an engagement session. June nights are just so lovely and you both were so fun to photograph. Because you had to wait long for your blog posting....it is extra long... so enjoy!

Wedding Day is nearly here...see you both soon!


Jackie & Jordan- June 27 2009

Jackie and Jordan were married on the beach at Pigeon Lake this past weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony overlooking the lake with all of their closest family and friends their to support them. We utilized the water front and the foresty areas surrounding the lake for some rural style portraits. The groomsmen were all very impressed with my ability to 'take down' any trees that were in my shots and I was impressed with the BP hiking through the dense bush for the perfect image. How fun! The day wrapped up with a reception at the local community centre where fun was had by all. Thanks for including me in your plans, I can't wait to show you the rest of the images!



Fun Family Session!

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Arlene & Ron along with their adorable little boys, Arron & Noah. We through rocks in the lake, blew bubbles and played in the playground. Pretty fun afternoon in my books!

Here's a quick teaser...

Enjoy :)



Friday, June 19, 2009

Talia & Zach- esession

Talia and Zach are friends of some great past clients, Audrey & Dan. I enjoyed getting to know them better as we walked along Whyte Ave on a gorgeous June evening. They are an absolutely adorable couple and I am so blessed to have them as one of my July couples. Talia was lucky enough to purchase her wedding gown from Kleinfeld in Manhattan. Although she wasn't on "Say Yes to the Dress" I'm really excited to see her gown. What a cool experience! Can't wait for your wedding :)


Baby Sadie

I met little Sadie this past week and fell in love with her immediately :) She is such a good, content, happy little one. After making her grande debut 10 days past her due date at weighing in at 10 full pounds it sounds like she has been nothing but a joy to her loving parents. Thanks for spending an afternoon with me Sadie-Baby!

Enjoy a quick teaser of this precious baby girl....

Quote of the Week

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles.
(Mike Greenberg)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Wedding Idea

For those of you that know me (& Tim), you'll know we are quite environmentally conscientious and it always pleases me when I find out my clients are too. Mary-Ann & Richard are getting married this August and decided to forgo the fancy paper invitations and send out a wedding website instead. I loved this idea and think it is a unique way to lessen your weddings carbon imprint. Best of all, it is an awesome site incorporating lots of my photography and tons of clever wedding details.

Visit their site by clicking here.

While checking it out make sure you read their engagement story which was featured in the Globe & Mail! As well, check out all of Mary-Ann's stellar wedding ideas like hiring a camp counsellor for entertaining the children attending the wedding, the fun pre-wedding events and their amazing gift "registry".

A big shout out to Mary-Ann and Richard for allowing me to feature their wedding site on my blog :)



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Baby Lilianna

I was recently able to photography little Miss Lily at one week old. She is such a darling and already has her parents wrapped around her little fingers. There was a ton of pink in her closet... how can you can tell Mom was excited for a little girl! So adorable! She was an absolute pleasure to photograph and I'm excited to share a couple favourites with you all.

Be blessed,

She curled herself up so perfectly.

This is Lilianna's first smile ever! How exciting to capture this moment! ( who cares if she was sleeping and we all know it isn't a "real" smile)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kristina & Phil- esession

Kristina and Phil are getting married in a few short weeks in St. Albert. We had been waiting for Edmonton to get "a little bit green" before shooting, and finally it seems as though the city is finally in full spring mode. We shot around a construction site (thank goodness for Phil's big truck being able to drive us in like we owned the place) and shot around an abandoned farm....well, abandoned except for the cows. The cows were quite scared of us while we were in their pasture and kept their distance. However, when started heading for the fence to get out of the field the cows went a little crazy and decided to box us in. I didn't think Kristina & Phil could hop a fence so quickly to get to "safety". Although I know cows are harmless, these ones did seem a bit too curious for my liking. Overall, a fun and eventful shoot :)

Also, a special shout out to Kristina who has convocation today for U of A dentistry. CONGRATS!

See you both very soon,


Farmyard pics...

This was inside the cows pasture. You can see why we had to get over there!

Our new friends, the cows.

Aren't they a beautiful couple?

Now on to some construction site pics....