Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Miss Violet

So I have gotten a number of emails requesting more pictures of the little miss and I'd love to share some with you all. I haven't taken very many images of her ( strange, I know) but it is just so busy being a new mom. And now she is growing like crazy- she is already 7 pounds and 8 ounces- finally the size of a normal newborn after 9 weeks! Violet is already a funny kid and we are both absolutely smitten with every little thing she does. We are so very blessed!

So here she is, the reason why my blog and business has nearly been abandoned the last 9 weeks.....

Violet at 1 week old (4 pounds, 14 oz),these images compliments of Andrea:

Here she is at one month (6 pounds 6 oz):

And last week at 2 months old:

Big blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair! Strange for 2 dark haired people with green eyes :)

She's always up for some snuggles, so please come by to meet our newest addition!

Lots of Love,


Heather said...

I love them all but the two month old ones are my favorite – it looks like she is starting to get a little personality

stephs said...

ok, shaun and I seriously need to come by and snuggle her! she's super sweet.